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شجرة بنيامين

شجرة بنيامين

وحدة SKU: INFBEM32150NL
675.00AED سعر عادي
472.50AEDسعر البيع
ضريبة شاملة
  • مواصفات

    حجم أصيص: 32 سم ، الارتفاع: 150 سم

  • Care Tips

    Watering: Keep the plant steadily moist, but do not allow it to sit in water or it will drop leaves and may develop root rot


    Light: Ficus benjamina prefers bright light, but can also grow in medium light


    Soil: Any good quality fast-draining potting mix


    Fertilizer: Every weak once, specially during growing period

  • Return & Refund Policy

    At DDG, we are committed to delivering quality. We carry out a detailed inspection of all items before dispatch and carefully pack them to avoid damage on their journey to you, so you can be confident your plants will arrive healthy and pots are ready for use. If you do have a problem, rest assured that we are here to help, we understand that everybody wants to be treated fairly and reasonably. You can get in touch with us via email at or use the Contact Us form on the website.

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